Sunday, 6 September 2009

First Day

Today was my first day at Chinese School. I'm kinda used to "first days" now. I mean, I've been to four different schools in five years so new beginnings aren't a scary thing for me. Yep, I move around. Maybe it was because I had grown so used to good "first days" that I felt this particular first day was a bad day.

When I got there with my parents, we stood in a hall filled with Chinese parents for a while, looking extremely lost. We had no idea who was the teacher we spoke to on the phone and who was a parent. After a moment, we spoke to a teacher and she told a fellow classmate to take me to my class while my mother did some admin stuff.

When I got up there, there were about four students already seated, they took up a cluster of tables with one spare seat but that was taken up by some-one's bag. Great. So I had to sit on an empty table. On my own. I'm not so good in moments where I look like an utter Larry. I'm more of a social animal. I have to do something. So I turned my phone on. ¬¬ Thank goodness the teacher came in a couple of minutes later and she told me to join the little gang bang.

The first lesson went pretty fast. In the middle, we had a 20 minute break. Still no luck in the socialising. Most of the students stayed in the classroom, sitting on tables and chatting. They all knew each other very well, for this wasn't the first year they attended Chinese School. I went outside looking for my parents but couldn't find them. Turned out they'd gone to a local tool store. So I just walked around in the halls a bit, texted a couple of mates, looking a bit more lost.

I'm not sure what I was expecting. I'd definitely got my hopes up for something superlative. Best friend on the first day? Friend on the first day? Or at least potential friend on the first day? I don't know. I know it's only the first day. I'll try harder next time. Let's hope for a better second day.

And before I end this post, I just want to say: yes, I know I go to Chinese School to learn stuff not to socialise but I like being part of a pack. I mean who doesn't?

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