Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Images from style.com

A promotional magazine I got from August Chinese Vogue featured all the highlights from Fall 2009 fashion shows. And the only collection I remember so well is that of Alexander McQueen.

For me, he seems to be the only designer brave enough to showcase a collection of the most gutsy and individual designs. I feel like I've been zapped with an unlimited amount of energy just by looking at the absolutely eccentric head-wear. The tweed umbrella worn so chicly, the simple lampshade capturing so much elegance and the miles of scarf wrapped so unconventionally. Then there's the silhouettes he creates. Tightly nipped waists and fishtail gowns. But of course the most outlandish of all are the exaggerated lips that all the models are uniformed with. This bold collection is one that some will hate and some will love, with no in betweens. I, if you haven't worked out already, fall in the second category.

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  1. Upon seeing it at first, I'm inclined to absolutely hate it. But there's something so ingenious, so wrong about it that I start to love it. McQueen definitely went outside of the box and one can only admire his imagination and creativity!


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