Monday, 17 August 2009


At the airport, I saw two Asian fitties.

Wait... what I really mean is: at the airport, I saw four amazing paintings.

While I think these are beautiful enough to urge me to take photos, beautiful enough to urge to post these photos here, I don't think I could ever have them in my house. There's just something tragic about these paintings. Maybe it's the subtle colours or maybe it's just the way the figures stare at you.

I'm not sure why I feel something tragic in these four paintings. It would take a few hours of staring back to work it out. All I know is: I don't like tragic.

Now on a less serious note.

So uh, at Beijing airport, I saw this Asian guy. Why omg, he should start a damn fashion blog. He has some style man. So yeah, I just sort of stared at him. Discreetly of course. He opened his little suitcase and it was filled with books, big books might I mention. Why, a reader too. I like it.

WHAT, NO WAY! He did not just walk over. WHAT, NO WAY! He is talking to me?! WHAT, NO WAY! He speaks Mandarin. WHAT, NO WAY! He lives in Amsterdam?!

We both had to transfer planes. He went to Amsterdam, I went to London. And that, children, is the story of me and him, xo.

P.S. I'd like to post something about my trip to Beijing jing so tomorrow I hope.

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  1. Yay congrats on restarting your blog! Those paintings are quite intriguing.
    And yay to the guy!! Haha hot guys in airports are even hotter when they come up and talk to you!
    PS I don't know the characters, but I'll look them up and try and send them to you =)


Fancy seeing you here. Thank you, xo.