Friday, 28 August 2009


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Although I haven't seen much plaid on the catwalk, a variety of checked flannel shirts are in for the high-street this fall. The plaid shirts are comfortable, keep you warm and they're fail-safe for any body size or shape. These lumberjack-like shirts can be dressed up with some smart skinnies and heels or layer it over a fitted graphic tee with sleeves rolled up for a more casual chic look. For femininity, pair the shirt with a high waisted skirt. Although they can more or less be worn all year round and definitely perfect for fall, they get no love from Auntie ZZ.


  1. Love plaid, I'm in search of a shirt ala rachel bilson, i think plaid with distressed short, chucks/gladiators, loose hair, and raybans is the epitome of casual chic

  2. Uniqlo do some really nice flannel shirts and shirtdresses at the moment!


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