Monday, 31 August 2009


A few bloggers are wishing for Fall so they can get out their stylish coats and their stylish boots and I would join them in their wishing-for-winter-club if I had these four beauties.

Everybody loves Yokoo so first up on my wish-list is this woolly hat.

Another Yokoo item. Miles of scarf. Mmm.

I'm actually in the process of knitting a giant scarf. If you're wondering how it's going... well, the total length right now is probably... 10 cm. Another 495437639584587987497547cms to go. Although, give me some credit, it is very wide.

Third up: Loewe scarf. Again, it's miles long and I love the whole belted thang. Double S (so simple).

Lastly, Diane von Furstenberg pompom hat.
*thinks how to DIY this herself*

And that is my winter wish-list and it shall stay a wish-list.

Ahh, I'd better go now and do six weeks worth of Lat homework in what is left of today. After all, I follow one naive equation and that is my motivation:

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