Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Clash Clash

YO YO YO. I'm on a roll here. Second outfit post.

I know this outfit isn't exactly extraordinary but back in the narrow-minded days, I would never have paired a Japanese graphic tee with a floral skirt. I would have definitely called that a clash. How wrong was I? Clashes don't exist in fashion.

Ooh! I also went to see Fame today. It was cute. Think cute boys. It's a film with one good moral: hard work, dedication, determination and never giving up results in good endings. I loved the choreography and the singing. I wish I was talented in performing arts and go to a crazy school in NY.

Geez, half way through the week... I'm outta energy already. Have a good Thursday and Friday!


  1. I want to see Fame, looks like it would be fun!

    Yeah the BBC thing is funny. I never really thought about it until I started my course!

  2. nice outfit with busy patterns!

  3. Oh yes, there can be no bad clash in my opinion. Love your blog.
    Love TBAG xx

  4. lurrrvvvveee it so so beautiful!

  5. so so cool.
    Tomorrow x
    (you have just inspired a post on my blog! I hope you don't mind! i will link through to you!)

  6. i love clashing! its the best!!


Fancy seeing you here. Thank you, xo.