Thursday, 24 September 2009

Dress Up

Behold, the ultimate chest flattening outfit:

Hehee, first outfit post in the archive. These are rare thangs because of the damned school uniform and the damned work uniform and the damned lack of social-life. When I'm at home, I usually wear jogging bottoms and pink fluffy slippers and fleeces with food stains on from last year. So, nothing worth sharing there. ):

Crap, distracted with talking about stuff you didn't want to know. I gotta stop doing that. Anyways, both pieces are from my favourite charity shop - the Shaw Trust. I brought these two ridiculously over sized items when I was obsessed with charity shops and for a long time, they were stored away in the stuff-I-am-never-going-to-wear-cos-I-liked-its-price-tag-better-than-the-garment-itself section of my wardrobe. Obviously, that has changed.

The belt is brought from the Craft Tent at the Dorset Steam Fair. When I went to see my grandma and grandpa, I was not that surprised when I saw the exact same belt on my grandpa (in a different colour). Haha, lurve.

OMT: don't you love my different shaded pink socks, hmm? I would have bared feet but the floor boards suck all the warmth out of ya. No exaggeration (ok, a little).

Alright, see ya later. I'm off to thank those who have commented on my blog recently, xo.


  1. I love your dress! I also like how your paired it with that white shirt underneath, it looks really good :)

  2. Omg the colors of your dress is so cool! Love it!

  3. Aw you look so cute, love the dress! And ha my floorboards do the same thing!

  4. I really like the black belt. Belts are such a must-have this autumn :)

  5. This is a very pretty unique dress. Congrats on the first post lol I would like to see more =)

  6. wow so in love. I will follow your blog. love your socks and that dress is out of this world beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  7. hey thanx 4 replying to the comment ^
    just back to say i think the best bloggers care for other bloggers and thats what your doing! so cool!
    Tomorrow x


Fancy seeing you here. Thank you, xo.